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Tudor Rose Airport Parking & Bloc Hotel

This is a great hotel for those looking for a bit of modern luxury before they fly.

Situated just off of the North Terminal, Tudor Rose can meet you directly in front of the entrance the evening you stay to collect your vehicle. This will eliminate the extra charges you will be faced when parking your car there over night.

Alternatively you can drive to your designated terminal the morning you fly and Tudor Rose can collect your vehicle from the Approved Operator's bay directly in front of the terminal entrance. While this option avoids the fees for the shuttle, you may find that it is a lot cheaper to get the shuttle!

On your return one of Tudor Rose's highly trained and professional drivers will deliver your vehicle back to you outside your designated terminal entrance giving you the freedom to go home with no waiting around.

A bit about Bloc Hotel...

Ultra modern in design, this hotel is perfect for the business or solo traveller. Tudor Rose will collect your vehicle directly outside the hotel on either the morning you fly, or if you do not want to pay the extra charge for their car park we can collect your vehicle that evening.


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